Wednesday, November 11, 2009

€3.9 Million Jackpot win on CasinoEuro!

Marie from Gothenburg took home an incredible €3,900,000 on the 5th of November after hitting the Mega Fortune Progressive Jackpot at CasinoEuro, following a single €1 bet on the machine. At 9:58PM, Marie entered the Mega Fortune bonus round and one minute later was rewarded by the largest single jackpot win at an online casino in Sweden.

'We are delighted with Marie's jackpot win.' comments Kevin Saliba, Marketing Manager for CasinoEuro, 'Like many of our winners, Marie was in disbelief at winning the jackpot, but the reality soon kicked in after we called to congratulate her. The atmosphere at the office has been one of great excitement and joy for Marie'

Magnus Silfverberg, CEO for Betsson Malta, also commented on the win by stating "This is a fantastic day for both Marie and for us at Betsson, who operates CasinoEuro. It shows that online casinos can fulfill peoples' dreams, and that one small bet of 1€ can change a person's life. We at Betsson sincerely congratulate Marie, and hope that many other players will choose to play on the CasinoEuro and sites to win the next big Jackpot!"

Following this win, the attention now falls on CasinoEuro's 'Arabian Nights' slot game and its staggering €3,500,000 jackpot. CasinoEuro is one of the oldest European online casino sites having been in operation since 2002. With more than 500,000 players CasinoEuro is one of Europe's biggest online casinos and is operated by Betsson, and licensed by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority in Malta.


Q: What appealed to you most about Mega Fortune?

Marie: That it's very glamorous, luxury and varying play - you feel as you are in "Las Vegas" at least for a while - the gold wheels, champagne bottles, Rolls-Royce cars, ... It gives you value for the money! As a player I want to have excitements and opportunities to win jackpots, free spins etc.

Q: Did you ever imagine that you could win this multi-million Jackpot?

Marie: The thought had occurred to me, you could never know . and as my grandmother used to say "-Persevere and never fear!" This time it was my turn to have the luck to win and I'm so HAPPY.

Q: The jackpot bonus round lasted for about 1 minute before you reached the jackpot prize. What was going through your head at the time?

Marie: To be honest I don't exactly remember but I do remember that I thought that it would be nice to reach the MAJOR jackpot. Then suddenly the wheel stopped at the arrow that lead into the MEGA jackpot. Wow, first I didn't believe it was true and then I shouted out of HAPPINESS!!!

Q: How did it feel to realize that you won the jackpot?

Marie: One word is enough WONDERFUL!

Q: Have you ever had a win like this before?

Marie: No, but now it has happened and I can imagine how other persons feel when they have done it too.

Q: Did you share the news with your loved ones? What was their reaction?

Marie: Yes, of course (my closed and loved ones). They were very, very glad on my behalf and have congratulated me several times.

Q: What do you intend doing with your winnings?

Marie: Share it with my loved ones, we all have dreams we want to fulfil and now we have the possibility to do so.

Q: How did you hear about CasinoEuro?

Marie: To be honest by pure chance I was looking for a place to play online at the internet. When I found your website I first started to look what kind of games you offered, read carefully about you rules, security etc and as I liked it very much I started to play... & now I'm a lucky winner.

Q: What do you like most about CasinoEuro?

Marie: It gives you the freedom to play when you feel for it. Furthermore you offer a lot of games, have different kinds of jackpots, introduce new games all the time, give free spins, arrange different tournaments, offer excitement etc. - A VERY GOOD & LIVING CASINO PLACE!
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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Join to Casino Euro's BlackJack Tournament!

This November you can put your card skills to the test by competing in the CasinoEuro Blackjack tournament.There’s a massive €7,750 to be won! There will be three qualifying rounds and a grand final. The top 10 players from each round will go through to the grand final where they will battle it out for the top prize. Entrance is automatic and free! Just play any blackjack game at CasinoEuro during the tournament times and you will automatically be entered into the competition.

Tournament 1: 07/11 - 08/11

Tournament 2: 14/11 - 15/11

Tournament 3: 21/11 - 22/11

FINAL: 28/11 - 29/11

Tournament Prize

1st Prize: 1000€ 2nd Prize: 500€ 3rd Prize: 250€

The final will take place on 28/11 at 12:00 CET and the top 30 players from the qualifying rounds will battle it out for the prize money.Your account will be credited with €200 to help you get started. The three players with the best payout percentage win.
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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

5 Free Spins with Betsson Casino

Yo, ho, ho and away you go! Ghost Pirates is the pirate themed 5-reel inspired video slot complete with free spins, scatters and wild substitution. Plus a great new feature a game button panel with 3 - 243 bet ways at 1- 5 bet levels, what are you waiting for? You already have 5 Free Spins!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

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