Friday, April 22, 2011

Join to Betsson's Secret Code Race!

Betsson is pleased to announce the launch of the Secret Code race!

The Secret Code casino race is a 'last man standing' competition that pits casino players against each other. The idea is that everyone who joins the race keeps playing the Secret Code videoslot for as many consecutive days as they can. The player who lasts longest will win €10,000 in cash!

Race details
Start date: Thursday 28th April

To join the race you must register an account at Betsson and win €2 or more on Secret Code on April 28th. Existing players simply have to log in and win €2 or more on Secret Code on April 28th.

To stay in the race players must win €2 in a single spin on Secret Code every consecutive calendar day. If a player misses a day they will be knocked out of the race.

Every THURSDAY the daily win requirement will go up by €2.

For each week a player stays in the race they will win a bonus money prize.

The player who outlasts everyone else will win €10,000.

Weekly Prizes
Week 1: €20
Week 2: €40
Week 3: €60
Week 4: €80
Week 5: €100

Top Prizes
1st: €10,000
2nd-10th: €1,000 bonus money
11th-20th €500 bonus money

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